Tornando a casa, 1997

Author: Alessandra Spranzi

Series of 13 photographs.

Colour print mounted on aluminium.

Domestic fires. Coming home we don’t expect any surprises. We’re happy to find our home and close the door. The artist first thought of buildings in flames that collapse engulfed by fire. She contemplates the fire and the subsequent collapse. She reflects on the catastrophe of the fall, the noise of the collapse, and she walks among the rubble. Afterwards the fire penetrated inside the house, trapping the curtains, chairs and sofas. Or rather, it trapped us among our curtains, our chairs and our sofas. Spranzi imagines that there is a place in our bedroom, a corner where the fire has not yet reached, from where we contemplate the flames; we participate, immobile, in the fire. The water is out of our hand’s reach.