Flauta, 2010

Author: Alexandre Estrela

Video projection FULL HD, colour, looping sound and wood structure.

His films are consider video installations and projections. Presented on several formats, they spread out spatially and temporally.

On this work, and anaglyph video shows a bamboo stem shaking on reply to the sound of wind. This three-dimensional video is projected on a small wooden structure made of two parallel pieces. The light flows through the first screen to the second one, appearing on the projected image of the bamboo stem.

The path of the image through the hole and the vibration of the light produce on the camera between the two screens generates the illusion of a live sound, as if we were listening to a real musical instrument.

The interrelation between video and sound produces feelings and emotions on the beholder.

Estrela´s work is an exhaustive troubleshooting of all the elements that constitute the act of seen, the process taken on the construction of the gaze, and the possible unfolding of the image to other sensorial dimensions.