Alicia Framis - Screaming Room

Screaming Room, 2013

Author: Alicia Framis

225 x 176 x 180 cm (room).

Room made of beech and pine laminate and planks. EPS foam, insulating foam, microphone, cables, spotlights, computer, 3D printer and drivers and reels.

The room is a large wooden box that you walk into and scream. What is contained inside the box for a few seconds, your scream, is the work of art. When you leave the room, a printer prints out your scream in the shape of a teacup. Each cup is different, just like our screams. It is an escape valve but also a formula for finding ourselves.

Energy is not destroyed, but transformed. Using a 3D printer the scream is transformed into a teacup in 20 minutes. Each person’s scream is unique, as is each teacup. Each visitor gets to take the teacup produced by his/her scream.

Alicia Framis warns us: "The loudest screams produce the smallest teacups". The work liberates us by transforming our screams into a tangible object thanks to a 3D printer.

Framis notes that Screaming Room was a piece she created for a well-known Dutch farmers’ bank. A room where employees could go in and blow off steam. That is why the first version was a potato teepee. It was curious to see the employees go in to scream and come out as though nothing had happened. Their screams, thanks to the software, are converted into teacups. What I like about it is that each one is different, just like the screams. It is energy that is transformed.

From the initial idea the project morphed into a wooden box like the ones used to transport works of art. The artist likes this latest version most because the scream is converted into a work of art.