365 + 1, 2016

Author: Artur Heras

Mixed technique on paper.

Variable measures.

Memory is the instrument that determines the relationship between spontaneity and the measurement of the passage of time. There are specific dates loaded with collective significance, dates that are recorded in the community archives. But the personal experiences that take place every day and every hour are ours. In this way, we give meaning and content to our own time. The number of drawings corresponds to the number of days of the year, plus one for leap years. The paintings and drawings that constitute this work come from disparate times and distanced in time (1962-2016). They are a collection that seeks an approach from the spontaneity of the experiential.

It is a collection of graphic memory, similar to an autobiography, accompanied by the words of authors whose books are at home. There is in the selection of text fragments the intention to highlight, in some, the plastic or latent look in the story, in others, the near atmospheres or the neighborhood voices. An outline for a small anthology of existential journey, a way of saying that the days go by in silence, but not silent.