Bleda / Rosa - Campos de batalla, Europa

Campos de batalla, Europa 2010-2012

Author: Bleda / Rosa

21 photos.

Inkjet on cotton paper, mounted on Dibond.

85 cm x 150 cm Ed. 2/10

They started to work on this series between 1994 and 1996. Here they propose an encounter with the historical places where thousands of people fought and died. These analyses call for specific interventions that allow them to work on new stages and new cultural contexts.

Marathon, Trafalgar, Hastings or Waterloo are names associated with the landscapes by the memories they evoke. Geographical locations in Europe where battles were fought by different nations to expand their territories or to defend their identities. Travelling through the great landscapes of European history we discover how, in an attempt to recall history, the landscape is magnified. Pilgrimage sites where the space is the monument and time seems to have stood still.

This series is among the first written documents to narrate the war and the first photographs to document it.