Mistake Archive, 2002-2003

Author: Casey Tang

Filing boxes.


Variable dimensions.

It explores the world of globalisation. It uses a bureaucratic documentation system to create an archive of acts that preserve events discarded in the depths of memory, or events that are difficult to forget. It documents and archives personal errors, incidents or regrets using a unique cataloguing standard based on the combination of methods inspired by museum archives.

The errors and regrets contained in these filing boxes include everything from broken objects to emails sent to the wrong addresses. The broken objects are classified according to forensic investigation methods, using triangulation to position the objects in the places where they were found after their destruction. These objects are kept in plastic bags and filed in boxes with detailed documentation for reassembly, thus allowing for reconstruction of the scene of the accident. The most ephemeral pieces are documented through associated images and digital files.

Mistake Archive offers a humorous critique on how and why we insist on preserving humanity's past and questions the legitimacy of objects that we consider to be cultural heritage.