Christiane Pooley - On Belief

On Belief, 2013

Author: Christiane Pooley

Untitled (2)
Watercolour, oil and varnish on paper.
65 x 50cm.

Untitled (5)
Oil and varnish on PVC.
69 x 50 cm.

Untitled (7)
Oil on cardboard.
69 x 50 cm.

Untitled (10)
Oil on paper.
65 x 50 cm.

Untitled (11)
Oil on fabric.
55 x 46 cm.

In the On Belief series, exhibited in the last SUMMA ART in Madrid, she portrays the Spanish economic crisis through characters that are painted in oil and varnish on PVC or polyester; a canvas would have been too noble a format for the topic in question.

In the paintings, the figures stand in queues, or are sitting waiting though we don't know for what, all together, but isolated in a space that takes on a low-pressure atmosphere that is cold, blue, white.

Pooley draws an emotional state in which we can all see ourselves reflected. It is not easy to complete the scenes, we have experienced them too many times: the indolent posture, the boredom, the impatience, the daze, the sensation of being out of time, out of space, out of the vertigo of activity. The social aspect of On Belief reaffirms the overcoming of post-modernism, as the central topic of the work is no longer the work itself. There is no longer a discussion on the critical function of a tin of soup or an envelope in this new awareness, Pooley's work suggests a dialogue that invites us to discover our own nature from a different place. A place where it is natural to have the need to feel and express, where reflection is joined to emotion. A place where, despite everything, the work of art makes sense.