Surge, 2019

Author: Daniel Canogar

Several LED ribbon-shaped displays are placed in the exhibition space with curved gestures, connecting walls and ceiling.

The mosaic represents four real-time Google searches and is part of the Surge series initiated by the artist at the Moss Arts Center in Virginia. This project was born from the artist's concern for the intangible nature of one of the greatest dominant forces in the economy and society: the data sphere. The series explores how the world of information negotiates its relationship with the physical world around us. Canogar believes that, due to its invisible nature, it is difficult for people to understand how big data affects our lives. By materializing this world of information with LED lights, the artist tries to help us understand this new reality.

Canogar created this work specifically for the 2019 edition of the contemporary art fair Estampa, to which he attended as guest artist.

The production of the series has been sponsored by Inelcom Technology.