A Transparent Leaf Instead of The Mouth, 2016-2017

Author: Daniel Steegmann


Glass and metal ecosystem with stick insects, leaf insects and plants.

Large-scale installation fitted into a glass pavilion that contains a dynamic ecosystem combining local foliage and strange insects. The pavilion’s contours describe a shape reminiscent of the biomorphic silhouettes of the famous Alvar Aalto Savoy vase (designed for the Finnish Pavilion in the Paris World Fair of 1937).

Inside live various insects from the Phasmids and Phylliidae families (known as stick insects for their extraordinary ability to camouflage their appearance as if they were part of a plant) in surroundings created using vegetation.

Steegmann has created a live ecosystem functioning within this structure of wavy glass. The exotic insects feed on local plants and their camouflage, developed for their natural habitat, works perfectly in this new biotype.

Steegmann’s work focuses on the creation and migration of shapes between nature, art and architecture; the correlation between organic and man-made.