In the Trees, 2015

Author: Joan Jonas

Video Green Timeline FULL HD with sound, duration: 3´46” in loop.

Video Mirror Timeline, FULL HD without sound, duration: 2´08” in loop.

Six mirrors.

64 drawings (watercolour and paper).

She records the video and later on is projected as a background image of her installations, enriching the concept of space and perspective.

In this work she highlights the weakness of human being. Her images are just descriptive: they relate through suggestions and think over with the senses. The mankind interferes dramatically on Earth, making drastic changes on Nature, establishing a distant and careless relationship.

Jonas, on her performance, transforms her body into a screen by dressing in white. She projects an image, drawing on a repetitive way directly on the screen. She explores the gestures, narrations and moving images. With a firm stroke she explores the effect that her presence causes on the beholder. This work allows the investigation about the relations between the different disciplines used on her work, reaching a synthesis of cohabitation and dialogue.