Never-ending handbook. Guía de las aves de mi mundo, 2018

Author: Juan Del Junco

115 books partially printed in signatures, depending on how they open, in one colour offset on mechanical pulp paper, glued and sewn together, plus a complete book of 224 pages.

This is the clearest example of Del Junco’s particular review of the relationships between the photographer and scientific method. In this piece he again works in the field of ornithology. Once again he delves into the relationship between photographic language and his passion for birds, creating a friction between rational and scientific logic, between emotional and symbolic order. This work is the last chapter in the Conceptual Andalusia project on which the artist has been working in recent years. It is not a typical handbook. Junco spreads out a publication over a large table. He “installs” it and forces the onlooker to shift, contemplating the successive signatures it comprises.

It is not a scientific publication on birds of the region but an exercise in reading and contemplation, since the images and texts have a visual and narrative value.

From the series’ outset, Juan del Junco has taken an interest in the devices that make the photos visible, always with a penchant for the book format.