Juan Muñoz - Souffleur, The Prompter

Souffleur, The Prompter, 1988

Author: Juan Muñoz

Steel, iron, bronze, wood and acrylic.

105 x 420 x 360 cm.

Linked to the work "The Prompter" it was presented at the exhibition organized by the Tate Modern in London. In this work the ambivalent relationship between Muñoz and theater becomes explicit. The optical ground, which blurs the boundaries of space and time represents an almost empty stage, with a tilted against the wall and the prompter drum.

The image evokes themes of memory and forgetfulness, speech and silence. Muñoz explained, when exhibited in the Tate Modern, that he wanted to represent "a house of memory" "the mind is never seen, but always there ... like a stage set without representation, in which you can no play, just a man trying to remember, trying not to forget ".

This installation plays with the presence and absence, undermines the visitor experience and heightens the awareness of observer of his own identity.