Gent, 2 (1991)

Author: Julião Sarmento

Dimensions: 290 x 819 cm.

Triptych made with mixed technique and fabric.

290 x 819 cm.

Signature, title and date on the back of the left panel: 'GENT (2) Julião Sarmento CABRR 1991'.

Painterly, intimate and delicate work, based on the fragmentation of images with the resource of disjointed motifs and the importance of the silhouette of the female figure as an object of desire. The artist sometimes intentionally rejects technical virtuosity because he is more interested in leaving the marks of the entire creation process on the materials.

The female is constantly present in his work, although she almost always lacks an identity, a face. Much of his work presents an erotic image and plays with seduction.

This piece has been exhibited in the van Hedengaagse Museum in Ghent (1991-1992), in the Galleria D'Arte Moderna in Bologna (1998) and in the Hayward Gallery in London (1994). It also formed part of a retrospective of the artist's work in the Luis Seoane Foundation in La Coruña in 2014, titled Julião Sarmento. Guest or Host?