The Rumour, 2002-2003

Author: Luc Tuymans

Set of 7 lithographies framed in painted wood and plexiglass and a wooden cage made of four panels.

91.4 cm x 231.1 cm x 6.4 cm; 91.4 cm x 436.9 cm x 6.4 cm.

Edition 10/18.


The artist creates a powerful series of images focusing on carrier doves and their trainers. This set includes the portrait of a man with an authoritarian gesture, dressed in a suit, a whitened image that suggests a curved figure seen from behind, several representations of doves, a flock of birds on a footpath, a solitary dove, several birds' eyes, and a cage.

The dove, which is traditionally a symbol of hope, peace and surrender is here subverted by Tuymans, who presents it as a synonym of pestilence, dirt and degradation.

He says that before beginning a piece he is extremely restless, but when the time comes to create it, he feels a great pleasure although he ensures that the act of painting implies a type of violent aggression.