Markus Schinwald - 1st Part Conditional

1st Part Conditional, 2004

Author: Markus Schinwald

DVD, 35mm loop, 3 minutes.

"Turn back, retreat, pause / If I versify, allude, forget your name / Up, reach, drop again / If I metrify, unveil, If I shift, believe / Pivot, rotate, hover / If I impart, you will take, if I find, you will share, if you open, we will slide, collide in the great known / Arise, invert, and follow through / Such steady indirection, We will end our way. A marshal grace, Reckless, but slow.”

His characters move in a blurred manner in an attempt to provoke, awaiting the response of the other. They adopt grotesque postures without definition, creating a surrealist environment. During the minutes of duration of the video, the total separation of order and chaos is evident, concepts that coexist in parallel but, in the same way that they never find each other in life, they also do not find each other in his work. The scenes create tension in the spectator because they expect an outcome that never occurs. The lack of communication and the distance between the characters leads the spectator to desire a happy ending, an ending where the characters find each other. It is as if from one moment to the next, the frenetic and epileptic movement stops, and the immobility could break this gesture of indifference to move closer and start a rhythmic and syncopated movement. But this is not so.