Solutions, 2004

Author: Nedko Solakov

72 drawings 19 x 28 cm each.

Sepia, black and white ink and wash on paper.

First exhibited in the Seville Biennial, curated by Okwui Enwezor.

This series of 72 drawings presents a mosaic of stylised images overflowing with icons and some brief lines, like captions, accompany the drawing.

The small stories that are embodied in each one narrate scenes of a specific moment in the daily lives of the characters.

Solakov considers that the origin of important events is in small key details. He reveals that many important transition stages were once upon a time no more than an immediate solution to a problematic issue. The artist affirms that, given the depressing marginal political panorama, these drawings are fragments of hope that the spectator should not see as an evasion of current problems that abet the human being, but rather as a way to move towards the future, a solution.