Sophie Calle - Romance in Granada

Romance in Granada (From the series: The Blind 1986), 1986

Author: Sophie Calle

One framed text: 40 x 80 cm.

One framed b/w photograph: 41 x 31,5 cm.

2 framed colour photographs: 40 x 56 cm and 78 x 56 cm. One shelf.

French Edition.

“The Blind (1986). I met people who were born blind. Who had never seen. I asked them what their image of beauty was.”

“In “Romance in Granada”, the author, Claude Jaunière, tells the story of a journalist of modest background sent to Granada to do an article. There she stays in a luxury hotel, an experience she had never previously had. The curtains in her room, paintings, antiques, and a magnificent bed. It seemed so beautiful in the book… I love beautiful things but I had never imagined anything like that.
“A starlit sky must be beautiful. They say a star is a light but maybe it has things inside.”