P'Alante, 2006

Author: William Cordova

Collage on paper.

Series of 20 drawings.

Each 33 x 43 cm.

P'Alante is a series of twenty collages, made with remains of crumpled paper, cardboard, concrete glue, magazine cuttings and detritus, which reference the “reality” of lived experiences, the “spectacle” of mass-produced culture for immediate consumption. Dorothea Klein says that “Cordova creates installations and objects which are usually made of lumpen materials and disposed items. In recycling these waste materials of society, articles labelled as scraps and bound to be forgotten, Cordova is exerting some kind of cultural conservationism through which he also preserves the stratified semantics of these articles at a symbolic level.” His drawings have the multicultural duality of fragility, on the one hand, and of the constant tension deriving from the energy of tradition, on the other. Underlying his work there are echoes of different cultures, links and bonds seeking after encounters among people of diverse origins.