Dream of a ray fish, 2011.

Autor: João Maria Gusmão / Pedro Paiva

Película 16mm, color, sin sonido, 2'48''.

Edición 4/6 + 2 AP.

La instalación se ha presentado en las siguientes exposiciones: Alien Theory, Frac Île-de-France, Le Plateau, Paris, France (2011); A Brief History of Slowness and Vertigo, Galeria GraçaBrandão, Lisbon, Portugal (2011); There’s nothing more to tell because this is small, as is every fecundation, Museo Marino Marini, Florence, Italy (2011), Since you have eaten the horse, you can travel to Rome by donkey: on dwarf philosophy, Kunsternernes Hus, Oslo, Norway (2012), Trilemma : Over a Ghostly Conception, Fri Art - Centre d'art de Fribourg / Kunsthalle Freiburg, Switzerland (2012), The Castle in the Air. Séance of Imagination, Centre of Culture ZAMEK, Poznan, Poland (2012), The Encyclopedic Palace, 55th Venice Biennale -International Art Exhibition, Venice. Italy (2013) y Film as Sculpture,  WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels, Belgium (2013).