Nueva Extrañeza, 2017

Author: Björn Dahlem


Piece formed by a structure and 7 sculptures.

Spukhafte Fernwirkung (Doppelspalt), 2017

Brass, wood, foam and lacquer.

Lunar Escape Orbits, 2015

Copper, steel, wood and lacquer.

Vakuun mit Reflektor (Die neue Seltsamkeit), 2017

Copper, brass, wood, mirror, Christmas baubles and lacquer.

Seltsamer Bereich, 2017

Brass, Plexiglas and pine branches.

Charn, Spin, Isospin, 2017

Brass, aluminium, wood, mirror and lacquer.

Strahlendiagraamm mit Sphäre, 2017

Copper, aluminium, wood, varnish and lacquer.

Koralle, 2017

Wood, lacquer and coral.

Far removed from banality, Dahlem’s approach towards the scientific and the mathematical is unyielding, deep-rooted and intense. The aim here is not to create a one-off approximation so that this hovers over his artistic projects in a fake manner, moreover they show the structuring of a possible artistic translation of the most enigmatic and mysterious scientific theorem, hypotheses and research. M Theory, Super Chords Theory and research into the atomic particle, into quarks and the origin of the universe have blended to create an ongoing subject matter and formal account of Björn Dahlem’s discourse, through which he has developed a further line of scientific research.

On this occasion, strangeness has been the subject matter chosen to design his new exhibition project. In physics of particles, strangeness is the property of the particles expressed using a quantic number to describe the decomposition of said particles in strong and electromagnetic reactions taking place over a short period of time. Strangeness of particles is defined as the formula for the representation of the number of strange antiquarks and the number of strange quarks.

Based on this complexity, irony and formal situation, the tools are devised with which Dahlem sets out an abstract vision of the laws of the universe. In a never-ending search for the new and a tireless exploration towards unknown lands, precisely with those which are revealed on account of cutting-edge mathematics and science, Dahlem poses questions on the veracity of progress, the essence of the human being and its place in the world.

With a highly formal structuration and equally singular aesthetic, a world is projected filled with chemical, universal and atomic forms which in this case are focused on two floating light sculptures under whose lighting a hanging platform has been designed which houses a set of strange molecular and nuclear pieces, whose energy expands and is concentrated on a room that aims to include the elemental elements of science; mystery and discovery, enigma and surprise. Thus, from the representation of a daunting and unsettling space, the fear of the unknown becomes a synthesis for beauty and symbolism, revelation or ritual, in which values, acts and object define and represent an extraordinary nature.

This is a tale begun by Dahlem in his interstellar journey, an inexhaustible exodus filled with fascination, bewilderment, astonishment and strangeness.