I am not a ghost, 2011

Author: Pieter Geenen

(Objects in mirror are further than they appear).

In his foray into photography, Geenen gives us a selection of images taken during his stays on the border separating Turkey and Armenia, closed since 1993. Delving ever more deeply into the physical space of the landscape in its relationship with the notion of public space and with time, the artist presents fragments whose abstraction questions our link to images and memory.

But Geenen does not abandon the material of sound; he persuades us so that we hear it on the journey, so we can perceive how the world is in perpetual motion. The artist offers up a freeze-frame, a pause between appearances and disappearances, where doubt arises. We have to question our own relationship with reality, what we choose to see and what we voluntarily reject; what is shown to us and what is hidden from us.