INELCOM is a technological company founded in 1980 with a comprehensive business project that goes from design to production and following installation and maintenance of innovation and good quality solutions, as well as control and arrangement of all mentioned before.

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Arte Contemporáneo


The collection was born as an answer of INELCOM to the social responsibility that all business organizations have with society.

This is a long term cultural project, materialized in the creation of “COLECCIÓN INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo”, in which we seek to contribute to Spain’s cultural growth by bringing together works which reflect the most significant trends in the international artistic avant-garde and lays a wager on those young up-and-coming artists currently working through the different manifestations which make up the current artistic scene.


New Works


In 2018/19 we have incorporated into the “COLECCIÓN INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo” works of 14 artists:

Andrea Canepa (Peru), Eugenio Ampudia (Spain), Francis Alÿs (Belgium), Jack Goldstein (Canada), Jorge Peris (Spain), José Val del Omar (Spain), Joseph Grigely (USA), Julião Sarmento (Portugal), Juan Del Junco (Spain), Laure Prouvost (France), Liliane Lijn (USA), Lucia Nogueira (Brazil), Sophie Ristelhueber (France) and Tacita Dean (United Kingdom).